• Gezi bosphorus have a special architecture that make it the best design hotel in Istanbul

Hotel's Architecture and Luxury Interior Design

An 17-story zinc and titanium facade peers out over the Bosphorus. Gently curved, as if to embrace the city, the building evokes a modern spin on the architectural styles of the 1940s and 50s. Windows provide a glimpse into the soul of Gezi Hotel Bosphorus. Each of the 56 rooms and 11 suites feature antireflection panoramic windows that offer sweeping views on the BosphorusTaksim SquareGezi Park, or the hotel's garden in the heart of Istanbul.

The Gezi Hotel Bosphorus cultivates beauty inside and out. The high-quality wood and leather used in furnishings throughout provide a warm, cozy atmosphere that is amplified by a contemporary design ethos that fuses the rich color-blocking of Piet Mondrian with high tech flourishes. Gezi Hotel Bosphorus' design of rooms and suites is inspired by an element of one of Mondrian's paintings, yet sumptuous materials soften the strong, linear forms typically associated with the Dutch painter. The artist's signature grid takes shape in numerous design elements in the rooms, from carpets to entertainment systems.

Design & Philosophy

Our gezi park hotel was built by metex to reflect today modern achitectureMetex design group created a 5 stars bosphorus hotel

Gezi Hotel Bosphorus designed by Metex Design Group by Sinan Kafadar in 'timeless design' style. The main idea behind the GHB is to reflect today's modern architecture through modernizing the architectural styles of the 1940's and 50s.

GO Green

Our Bosphorus view hotel is an eco-friendly building using the latest technologies

GHB is built as an eco-friendly building in the areas of conservation of energy and water. Furthermore, is operated sensitively to our Environment by controlling pollution, carbon emission and effective recycling processes. The hotel has earned Turkey's acclaimed Greening Hotel certification.

Because we care!

3R (Recylce-Reuse-Reduce)

Our boutique hotel in Istanbul saves energy, water and paper

Gezi Hotel Bosphorus saves on energy, water and paper consumption at the rates of pronounced by net figures owing to its understanding of 3R principle used by the whole world to protect the nature.

Gezi Hotel Bosphorus, as a greening hotel in Istanbul, makes developments every other day and constant applications on recycle, reuse and reduce which is required by 3R in compliance with the environmental approach adopted right from the very beginning.